Corey Parker

Strength and Conditioning Coordinator Coach Corey Parker MS, CSCS


Director & Owner of Strength in Motion

Corey Parker earned both his Bachelors and Master’s degree in Exercise Science from the University of Maine. Formerly, Corey worked with the University of Maine athletic program and was the Strength and Conditioning Coach at Syracuse University. During his tenure, he designed comprehensive programs for athletes of all sports, and helped to produce athletes who have excelled in the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS and the Olympics.

In addition to being a guest speaker at the 2006 Section III Annual Meeting, Coach Parker has spread his training knowledge to various coaches throughout New York State, including the following lecture series: Functional Hamstring Training; High School Soccer Player Development and Plyometric Training.


As the Director of Athletic Development at Strength In Motion, Coach Parker strives for excellence and expects the same from his athletes. Coach Parker has led by example in established programs which are based upon practical and ethical means. He has instilled in his coaching staff the same values and they continue to design and implement speed, power, strength and conditioning programs with proven results while paying attention to each athlete’s needs.

July Skills Classic 2017(Syracuse, New York)   July 10-19,2017

Programs: Complete Skills

Age Group: 10 - 16 Gender: Girls & Boys

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