About NY HoopStars

Organization and Mission

NYHS(New York HoopStars) is an American based charity organization which was founded by American educators and sports facilitators which aims to provide a sports-based medium in foreign nations, for English education. New York HoopStars is headed by leaders in coaching, team building, and English language which focus on innovative ways to combine sports and education to help children to overcome deficits in education. The design of the organization is to provide children with a non-classroom atmosphere to learn English language skills and to practice English language usage in a supportive sports-focused atmosphere. The mission of New York HoopStars is to create lasting solutions to education disparities and to bring the English language to the world in a supportive and empowering manner. The vision is to combine sports and academics in a way that utilizes a student’s love for sports and a desire to learn into a comprehensive academic program that increases English proficiency and provides financial support to students learning English as a second language.


New York HoopStars is one part English education, one part basketball camp, one part team building and one part strength and conditioning. It combines the best practices of sports and education camps into a single comprehensive learning program that will improve the athletic and academic skills of participants in a supportive and competitive environment. The program will have 4 stations for participants in the program, with participants being grouped by age to assure similar athletic and academic skill levels.


The four individual stations, used in rotation for the various groups, include:



> English class (spoken and written proficiency) 25% of time

> Basketball Skills + Scrimmage Games 40% of time

> Strength and conditioning 25% of time

> Team building Activities 15% of time

July Skills Classic 2017(Syracuse, New York)   July 10-19,2017

Programs: Complete Skills

Age Group: 10 - 16 Gender: Girls & Boys

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